Crowd 1

The Crowd 1 2022 screen print 110 x 524.5

In my work I explore fragility and brokenness. My work has a focus on the ‘now’, but it still reveals the deep roots my subject matter has throughout time. The crowd depicted in my print talks about the amount of people forced to leave home to seek refuge. I am pointing out the fragility of freedom. Growing up in an Eastern European country, I was thought to acknowledge the price of freedom so many people had to pay, so I could live in a free country. Today we are not Ukraine by pure luck. I am merging space and time in my print. The concrete building takes the viewer to all Eastern European countries and the sandy background colour takes you to a desert. By placing a crowd in the desert, I am referring to exodus – the biblical story how after Moses, brought Israelites out of Egypt, they wandered the desert for 40 years.

A whole nation wandering the desert in search of their home.

Yes, there is horror. But with my work I am trying to encourage the viewer to be caring and gentle, I am inviting them to stop

and take time

To acknowledge every single person

The salt of the word.